Dixie Banjo Ukulele a Mystery

The Dixie banjo ukulele is a complete mystery as to who made them and when they were made. Apparently a patent was granted in 1950 for an all-metal ukulele but it is not clear if this was related to the Dixie banjo uke. There are reports of people having Dixie banjo ukes in the late 1940's and even in the 1920's which is probable judging by the type of friction tuners used on some models which were not available in the 1950's. As far as I can determine, none of the usual banjo manufacturers such as Slingerland, Bacon, Stromberg, Stella, etc. made anything like the Dixies nor did any of the major ukulele manufacturers. The construction of the Dixie banjo ukes is completely different from any other banjo ukulele leading to the conclusion that the company that made them was not a regular music instrument manufacturer. Look elswhere on this website for more information about the Dixie banjo ukulele. If you know who made them and when, send me an email.

Dixie banjo uke video clip

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