Ukulele Banjos from Hand Drums Homemade

There are many types of hand drums available from dealers such as and which are suitable for construction of banjo ukuleles. This allows you to bolt together one that fits your needs. For example, a very good choice is made from a 10 inch Remo hand drum with the neck from a concert ukulele. This combination is not available commercially. The homemade version shown on this site sounds good and is easy to play and can be made from a $25.00 Hand drum. Most of the vintage banjo ukes were 7" or 8" and had narrow finger boards which are a problem. If you are making your own you can use the type of neck that works best for you and if you have a banjo. you can even put the neck from a ukulele on it. To remove the neck from an intact ukulele you mus heat it to about 240 degrees to soften the glue. Use hot pads or you will burn your hands. You will have to put a spacer between the uke neck and the drum so that the bridge is properly located on the drum. The bridge must be located so that the 12th fret is halfway between the nut and the bridge so the notes will be the right pitch. Pictures and more instructions are on the Repair Gallery page of this website.

Banjo Ukuleles

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